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A Santa-dressed heckler tried to interrupt a live interview between Global Toronto reporter Mark Carcasole and Global BC ‘Unfiltered’ host Jill Krop Tuesday afternoon.

Carcasole was reporting from a busy sidewalk in Toronto when the man approached him. Watch how Carcasole handles the situation.

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The Toronto Zanta is an acted out character.  I’m not crazy, homeless or a drug addict.  In fact, I haven’t even touched alcohol in my life.  A bio in my own words.
I don’t ask people for money.  I simply want to make people smile and laugh.  Maybe cause a new friendship between two people over a common Zanta experience.  People are so closed off these days.  The city has made us a cold and segregated culture.  The warmth and kindness of our daily routines has been extinguished by fear and judgement of others.  A man cannot wear a santa hat in the middle of summer without being called a nut case. 

I’ve made myself known for doing 2000-3000 push-up’s a day (morning to night) between the years of 2005 and 2007, on the city streets of Toronto.  I did all of this wearing nothing but a Santa hat, shorts and boots.  All temperatures and seasons.  I’ve done push-ups on taxi’s, rocks, TTC bus shelters, newspaper boxes, walls, stalls, poles, windows, doors, you name it.  I’ve been there.

Why the character though?  To sum up a long ridiculous story, my daughter was kidnapped from me by her mother and I have not been able to see her since.  She’s 11 years old right now, and I’m waiting anxiously for her to become 18 when she can make her own decisions and understand the truth.

For now, Ive made my name and character available to her net wide.  I just want her to be able to see me, even if Ive got to continue my long wait to see her again. 

Check out my website for more info.

I want to world to know that my daughter Amy was kidnapped from me by her mother.

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